Parks of the Kingdom of Tal Dagore

Listed here are Parks within the Kingdom of Tal Dagore. Find one close to you and come out and play!

The Knoblands
(Phelps Grove Park, Springfield MO)
Seven Rivers Forge
(Ber Juan Park, Rolla MO)
Phoenix Tears
(Lincoln Park, Springfield Il)
Knights Rest
(Fenton City Park)
Kings Crossing
(hyde park, saint joseph, mo)
Jupiter Stones
(Tilles Park hampton ave)
Falcon Tor
(Stephens Lake Park)
Dire Brook
(ewert Park joplin, mo)
Black River Keep
(wavering park quincy, il)
Black Hallow
(lions lake washington, mo)
Black Ember Fortress
(Gordon E. Moore park)
Adari Vaal Keep
(dimitt park humansville, mo)